Good Morning Thursday

It’s Thursday! If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, it’s over here.

I have had a ton of fun reading everyone’s answers and entering giveaways myself. Hot chocolate seems to be a pretty recurring theme here! 😀

In answering other people’s questions, some people were asking about what we intended to do in the New Year. I’m a firm believer that making resolutions is setting myself up to fail, but if I make goals and plan for these goals, then they’re much more likely to get done. So one of my big goals for the new year is getting back to my poor, neglected sewing machine. I need to finish my Farmer’s Wife quilt AND I want to get into making toys out of sewingness. I haven’t quite decided *what* yet, so we’re just going with a generic “toys.”

I also want to make some wings for my daughter. That seems pretty ambitious, but a sew-y friend suggested that I make armature for the top *only* and then cut the bottom in a pretty pattern and just let it dangle. I saw a couple of examples doing just that, so I’m going to go for it. If I can swing it, I’ll attach the wings with velcro so they can be machine-washed. I have two young, messy children. Machine-washable is important in my house!!

And because posts are better with pictures, I ordered a bunch of yarn from the other day and it came in a child-sized box.

Also I cut my son’s hair. So now he’s more fuzzy than shaggy.

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