Sickness and Hellephants

Allow me to whine, just a little. It started off with my son, who spiked a high fever, then my daughter who spiked a high-for-her fever (her average healthy body temp is around 96 degrees) and then they had to go and make me sick. And it’s not like you can tell your young children, “Go away, we can’t have cuddles or kisses even though all you want to do is cuddle all day long because you feel like crap.”

Anyway… I finished something else I can show you all.


He lost his ear, so she’s holding onto it for him because she loves him. 😀

First giveaway starts tomorrow morning and will run until Friday! And the link-up doesn’t start until 6:00 AM PST, which is 8:00 local time… So the post will be up for a couple of hours before I can link up, but the good news is that when the link-up opens, I should be ready to go.

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