Stuff I CAN Talk About

YAY giveaway starts Monday! (yay!)

So I’ve been mentioning a bunch of stuff that I can’t talk about, so I was sitting here and I was all, “I KNOW SOMETHING I CAN TALK ABOUT!!!”

Fingerless gloves. I made some. And I’m debating making some for myself now because I like how they turned out. Plus I can still crochet with them on. Total win.

Pattern here.

These worked up pretty quickly. The only issue I noticed with them was because of the basic shape, you couldn’t make the wrist-arm part too long. Although they are worked top-down, so it wouldn’t be too hard to fit some increases in there.

Pattern here.

These are very pretty. I ended up making the first row of the hand part of my first one about 6 times because I was making counting errors. Go me. But not a bad pattern to follow.

I used to make fancy-stitch blankets and baby layettes (that’s actually what I “learned” on) so while I was a little scared of doing something a little more involved than basic amigurumi again, it wasn’t a big deal. They weren’t very difficult.

AND I won stuff!


The bracelet, not the cat. Creepy cat is creepy. This was made by the very talented Lassarina. She does very beautiful work and I was pleasantly surprised by how light the bracelet is.

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