Paypal Makes Me Sad

I’ve mentioned Regretsy a couple of times here before. For those who aren’t in the know, Regretsy points out “interesting” craft practices on Etsy. It’s not for everyone, there’s a lot of snark and adult language that happens there and sometimes the people commenting make ignorant and tasteless comments, but overall it’s meant as good-natured parody.

What I haven’t mentioned is that Regretsy also raises money for different charitable causes. It’s December, month of Christmas. We’re in a recession and a lot of children are facing present-less Christmas. As a community, the followers of Regretsy decided to do a Secret Santa for less-fortunate families, so children that might not normally get gifts would have something to open up on Christmas.

Paypal has decided that this isn’t allowed. This is the Regretsy blog post about it, but to sum up it’s ok to donate to help people’s sick cats, but not poor people. And yes, that’s pretty much a quote from a less-than-helpful Paypal employee. Ms. Winchell, the author of the Regretsy site, tried to reach a compromise with Paypal and was told that they know what she’s doing and won’t play games.

Apparently helping less-than-fortunate children is the root of all evil. Now we know.

This update was posted on tonight, with information on what’s actually happening with this whole mess. Paypal apologized and unfroze Ms. Winchell’s account and her business account, but no one (other than Paypal) is pretending that if they hadn’t been faced with a PR nightmare of epic proportions, they still would have made this right.

3 responses to “Paypal Makes Me Sad

  1. Why does Paypal care where you spend your money? This seems a bit strange.I hate dealing with Paypal which is why I try to work locally or with people who still can take checks whenever possible when doing this kind of work. DH is off to the local high school with a box with a doll and clothes in it along with a bag with some other toys for a toy drive the tech school kids are organizing. Toys for Tots still takes my checks thankfully. I can't imagine what I would do if they insisted on Paypal.

  2. I don't blame you at all, Bailey. Sadly, most small online business owners are stuck using Paypal. There are other options out there, but Google Checkout holds your funds for two weeks, Dwolla uses cheques, and on and on. Paypal is really the only one that does what it does.

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