Foundationless Crochet

I was revisiting my cheeseburger pattern and I was kind of hitting a wall thinking about the fries. The one in the picture are glued down and into place, keeping them flat. Wet blocking is pretty impractical here with a climbing toddler and two towel-loving cats, not to mention the eternal damp that comes with living in the south… And I can’t glue these ones down. I was all, “What do I do?”

I was contemplating making the fries with two pieces sewn together, but it would be super bulky on such a small project and probably still a little bit twisty. No thanks.

On a crochet forum I’m part of, a month or so ago, I remember someone linking to a how-to foundationless double crochet. There was some discussion about how foundationless crochet (and I’m tired of typing that out, so from now on it’s FC) doesn’t leave your flat work all twisty and stuff. So I looked it up. And it’s SUPER easy! I haven’t yet tried FDC, but I think I’m going to for my very next scarf.

The one thing I had to figure out was how to even out my tension. I crochet really tightly, and my first FC experiment had the row twisting around in a circle because the tops of my stitches were too tight. So be aware of that. I’m sure that it would be the opposite problem if they were too loose, but it’s really easy to find the balance, and if you mess up it’s a really easy problem to fix. And I think it looks a lot neater. I only wish I had done it earlier!

I got my info from here– this one has a video- and here– I found the pictures less confusing with this one.

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