Thanksgiving and a Sale!

So it was Thanksgiving this past week. We didn’t “do” Thanksgiving- even with a small turkey my husband and I would have had enough leftovers for a month. We went grocery shopping instead, which was awesome! The store was pretty empty and there were no lines. For once. So I’m thankful for that. 😀

Apparently in America, there exists a thing called Black Friday. Black Friday is the same as Boxing Day is in Canada, everyone has sales and there are riots and injuries and pepper spraying… Oh, and good deals. Can’t forget about the good deals. I didn’t leave my house yesterday. Well, I did the once, to check the mail. I had a pretty awesome mail day yesterday! I got some prints from Jewel Renee and they are AWESOME! She sells penguins and baby seals and baby manatees and they are the cutest things on the face of the planet. And she’s a total sweetheart.

And then USPS had to crap all over my day. Again. Ah, my ongoing struggle with USPS. They’ve lost a second package of mine and they left some candles I ordered sitting in the sun. I know the rest of the country has been struggling with the weather, but not here. We hit 80 degrees for the first half of the week and now my candles are a little squishy. On the plus side, now I smell yummy whenever I handle them! 😀

I’ve been busy a lot. And I’m making something I’ve never made before, fingerless gloves! I’m following some patterns from, and I’ll post the results once I finish them. When I first learned how to crochet, I went through a pretty big baby-clothes-making kick, so I did a lot of different stitches and shaping for flat things. I haven’t done anything like that really in a long time, but it seems to be just like riding a bicycle. Plus the yarn I’m using is pretty (and soft)!

Which brings us to the sale portion of the entry! For Small Business Saturday (apparently it’s a thing) through Cyber Monday (also a thing) I’ll be having my minis at buy 1 get 1 half off. Or more, depending on the minis selected. And if you’re interested in a mini you don’t see, send me a message and I’ll be all, “Yeah, I can TOTALLY do that!” And what’s even better, this is good with any of my existing coupon codes!

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