That’s not a typo, I promise.


This is Toats. I made a post a while ago about being able to tie a feather to a nail and sell it as “art” on Etsy. Not only sell, but you’ll be featured on the front page as being Awesometastic von Amazingsauce.

There is a similar issue with tagging. Tagging works a lot like it does here, or on Twitter. When people type your tags into the searchbar, your stuff pops up. So people take the most common tags (steampunk and vintage, just to name a couple) and slap them on anything and everything they can possibly think of. Octopus? STEAMPUNK? Something completely unrelated? Throw a monocle or a gear (or a damn owl pocket watch) on it, and it’s INSTANT STEAMPUNK!

Here’s my rather tongue-in-cheek contribution to the steampunk market. That’s Toats the Steampunk Octopus. Now all I need to do is find some barn wood to photograph him on…

4 responses to “Toats

  1. He's so cute! Will you be posting a pattern for him?

  2. Thank you! I'm not sure if I will or not… If I do it's probably not going to be until a lot closer to the new year (or next year).

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