Just a Quick Little Candy Pattern

We’ve had a hectic week here. Mostly it’s been my son being needy after getting second degree burns on his fingertips. He’s ok, they’re considered minor burns because it’s only his fingertips and they’re pretty small, but he refuses to keep them dressed which causes him more pain. He’s like a tiny Houdini. Of course, this is the kid who can take off his diaper with overalls or a onesie on.

My daughter (and now for something completely different!) has taken to Halloween in a big way. She loves that there are “coe-sies” (ghosties) and witches and jack-o-lanterns and treats she gets to put in her bright pink pumpkin bucket. So I made her pretend treats! She can put those in her pumpkin bucket all day long and then help the “coe-sie” not be scared of Halloween. (Thank you, Super Why. This is one of her favorite pretending games.)

I wanted to get a metric crapton of them finished (or at least 9). They work up pretty quickly, but I sustained a crochet-related injury last night (I’m fine now) so I might get some more done today. But I have two for now.


Remember folks, I crochet really tightly. So if you’re looking at these going, “They’re too big! THEY’RE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!” you can ch 6 instead of 8 in round 1 and make fewer rows. Basically you want a tube.


  • worsted weight pink, white
  • G-sized crochet hook (or whatever will give you tight enough stitches to hold in stuffing)
  • stuffing

1) ch 8, sl st to form ring, sc in each sc around, join with sl st (8)
2-12) ch 1, sc in each sc around, join with sl st (8)
break yarn, finish off

Pinch one end shut flat and sew closed. Weave yarn in and out of the stitches between row 3 and 4 and pull to cinch closed. I also wrapped the yarn around the weaved in stitches once and pulled really tight to make it cinch smaller. Stuff firmly, up to between rows 3 and 4 of other end. Pinch other end flat and sew closed, then cinch that end closed between rows 3 and 4 from that end. Weave in all loose ends.

2 responses to “Just a Quick Little Candy Pattern

  1. Those are cute. I would be ok with them being big if I had a pet or small child in the house. One would hate for them to choke on them.

  2. Thanks! They're big enough to be kid-safe, but bigger dogs might snarf them back.

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