Getting Medieval Up In Here

The last couple of minis I finished were a knight and a queen. Like, medieval queen, not fabulous queen. And because everyone needs pictures:


I’ve been doing a lot of Dragon Cave lately, so that might have something to do with it. And I’ve been thinking, I want to make a dragon! I’m kind of working out the details in my head right now. I may need to make it un-machine-washable so that I can support the neck with some floral wire or something, but we’ll see how it goes. But before I get there, I’ve got camo army guy about 2/3 done (he needs arms, eyes, a helmet and a belt), I want to make a little barbarian in a loincloth with a club, and I have two orders that I need to get finished. So for right now I’m working on dragon structure in my head.

AND!!! I want to make dragon hatchlings. In eggs. Tiny ones, with eggs that you can take apart and reveal the inner cuteness. I have lofty plans. I’m thinking I may not get my gingerbread house done this year. I’ve kinda lost the ambition for it. Part of me is all, “YOU NEED TO FINISH IT!” even though, if I finished it now I might be able to have the pattern up by the end of the month, which isn’t a whole lot of time. I will firmly commit to getting the rest of my Claus pattern done, which will include a tiny tree and presents, but I’m thinking the gingerbread house may end up being Christmas in July. Plus I need to make a playset for my son for Yule, and if it takes about the same time that Fairy Garden did, we’re looking at a month. I have about a week before it’s going to be a month from Yule. So if anyone was looking forward to the gingerbread house, I sincerely apologize. It will get done, just not before this (winter holiday).

3 responses to “Getting Medieval Up In Here

  1. The war between I want to and I should. There is a bunch of stuff I NEED to finish, but then there is all the stuff I WANT to do right now.I love these guys. Are you going to sell the pattern for them? I am always looking for new castle type patterns for the nieces and nephews.These are different from any I've made so far.

  2. You said it! I will be selling the patterns for these. I have a few more I want to make (prince, king, what-have-you) and then I'll probably do the whole set.

  3. Wonderful. I just found a Fisher Price Castle on-sale at Kohl's. I had made a Crochet Bag castle, but I suspect that got lost in one of many moves. Having additional characters to add will be fun.

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