Southern Cookin’

Nothing to do with crafts. Like, at all. So if you’re just here for the crafts, you won’t miss anything if you just tune in next time!

I’ve been in the south for about three-and-a-half years now. In my time living here, I’ve come across a lot of southern cooking. Some of it is incredibly good!

For instance, red velvet cake. OMG WIN. First you have chocolate cake. Then you have cream cheese icing- fun fact, when I was pregnant with both kids I could just sit and eat my way through cream cheese icing with a spoon. But it has to taste more cream cheesy and less processed oily. Yeah.

Pulled pork. Like, good pulled pork. You just look at it and it starts to disintegrate in your mouth. For reals? How did we not have pulled pork in Canada? (At least my little section of Canada.) But then, down here barbeque is a Thing. I guess it helps that it’s still 80 degrees out here when it comes time for the slaughter.

Sweet potato fries. Where I grew up, sweet potatoes were a Thanksgiving-and-Christmas thing, and we called them yams (although they really were sweet potatoes. I don’t know.). They were rare and special and often just eaten baked. But here they’re common enough that they get made FRIES out of. Awesome fries.

Of course, I do miss some things. LIKE POUTINE!!! I would kill for some poutine. Real poutine, with beef gravy and squeaky cheese. Hell, I can’t even get fake-y poutine here unless I make it myself with “brown” gravy and mozzarella cheese. What is brown gravy anyway?

Fish and chips. With halibut. And tartar sauce. And a lemon wedge. I can go to Captain D’s, order “fish and chips” with is basically poorly cooked greasy salt. Um. No thanks!!!

Yogurt. I don’t mean actual yogurt, although the yogurt selection is pretty slim… I mean everything that gets covered with yogurt. And miles of frozen yogurts.

Salmon. Pacific salmon, of course, not that Atlantic stuff. Although we’re even a little too far away from Atlantic salmon grounds to make it not SOOPER expensive. Salmon is my favoritest food ever. Even more than cream cheese icing. I could eat salmon as my only protein for the rest of my life and I would be all, “SCORE!!! I GET SALMON!!!!” If I had access to salmon, I would seriously consider a pescatarian diet. BUT NOT FARMED SALMON!!! I get all soapboxy about salmon farms. :/

And because blog posts are made into awesome by pictures:


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