Army Bear

My daughter keeps telling me he looks like a gopher, so maybe he’s an army gopher. A million and one thanks to the people who helped me find pictures of the Army dress uniform, especially Eileen- without whom the beret would not look right.

I wanted to make softies for all of the branches of the military- one in camouflage and then all of the different  dress uniforms. I was going to make a marine first, but then I was talking it over with Mr. Craft Frog and both of us mentioned that we had no idea what the army dress uniform looked like now. ‘Cause it’s changed. I guess my google-fu was broken, ’cause the only thing I could find were pictures of the combat uniform and the non-army branches of the US military. So I asked some online friends and they were super helpful and now Army Bear (or Army Gopher) is done! I have plans for the other ones, but I need to get more Christmas stuff done (including the Santa and stuff that I’ve been talking about FOREVER) and the gingerbread house. I’m also going to be making a mini for each of them and the army one will be in Class B’s, ’cause it’s hard to get a jacket to look right on a mini.
Army Bear can be found here.

2 responses to “Army Bear

  1. Oh please do The Marines!!! LOL (sounds dirty) I will so get some of them for my kiddos and a friend!!! I love the Army guy though great job!!!

  2. LOL! Thanks 😀 Marines are next on my list of these guys to do!

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