Easy Scarf

I’ve been talking about scarves for a little while and I figured I would get a couple done. This pattern is easy and easily adjustable, and there’s a little bit of texture. I think it would also look pretty with alternating colors! I’m not putting a gauge on this because there’s no “right” size for it. Mine turned out to be just over a yard long and about 3.5″ wide, with 130 stitches in each row, and 9 rows- the perfect size for my children!


  • worsted weight blue
  • I-hook
1) ch 131, sc in 2nd ch from hook to end (130)
2) ch 3 (counts as 1st dc throughout), dc along row (130)
3) ch 1, in back loops only sc in each dc (130)
4) ch 3, in both loops dc in each sc (130)
repeat rows 3-4 until desired width. Finish off with a row of sc in both loops
If you want it longer or shorter, just increase or decrease the number of ch in row 1.

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