Feeling Like …

I’m waiting for my son to fall asleep (so that I can clean out the litterbox and take out the garbage, of course) so I figured I would waste spend the time making an update here instead of playing more Glitch. ‘Cause my son will eventually fall asleep and I don’t want to be looking at the clock in a couple of hours when he wakes up going, “Crap, I didn’t take out the garbage.”

I am lost in a field of blah. I’m fighting an ear infection on top of it being that super special time of month and I just have no energy and I feel like crap. So instead of whining at length about how super crappy I feel and my frustrations with different things that are great and enormous, I am instead going to write about 5 things that I happy about. I used to do this daily as a journaling exercise when I was going through a rough patch and, you know, it helps.

1) I am a permanent resident. This happiness is still lingering from a week and a half ago-ish. I got my brand new shiny card in the mail over the weekend. In a few [insert short time frame here] I’m going to get a SSN, and THEN I’m going to start looking at getting a driver’s license. YAY for being a permanent resident!

2) My cat is awesome. She’s the most tolerant cat on the planet- she lets my son “pet” her nose without complaint. She sleeps with me pretty much every night, and when it starts getting cold at night, she sleeps on me.

3) It is no longer 5000 degrees outside. It’s not even in the 90s anymore during the day, which means that we’re entering the few weeks a year where it’s pleasant to go outside and play. Which we will probably be doing soon.

4) I am very soon going to go and make another cup off coffee. Coffee always makes me happy.

5) I am also going to play me some Love Shack. Because the B52s are awesome.

2 responses to “Feeling Like …

  1. Congratulations on becoming a resident. I never knew. Memorize the state drivers manual and you will do fine on getting your license.

  2. Thank you! 😀 I'm mostly just worried about parallel parking!

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