So I guess my blog has been around long enough that people are starting to send me form emails about how they want to “work with” me or whatever. Basically, they want me to try and get YOU to buy their crap. Um, no. If someone wanted me to make something with their new fabric/wool line and wanted me to review it honestly, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. But this whole, “DO YOUR READERS BREATHE? We want to throw a few bucks at you so you can you can sell them our completely irrelevant nonsense!” is a bunch of crap.

The first one I got basically said, “Hey, I was reading your blog and I want ‘your opinion’ on this weight-loss thing?” I declined to reply, but my first thought was a raised-eyebrow. “Are you calling me fat?” I really had to fight myself not to send that back. I mean… I am fat. I’ve had two kids and the weight after the second one is coming off slowly, mostly because I keep making excuses about not being able to exercise.

But… This is a CRAFT blog. Do I write like a fat person? Is there a fat writing style that I’m not aware of? Is my little crocheting froggy avatar/banner fat? Do I crochet like a fat person? Am I doing the fat person FMQ pattern? Like… REALLY? I may have made an entry waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the beginning of this blog about needing to lose some pounds, but that would have been over a year ago. Know your audience, people! Check for relevancy!

The Bloggess made an excellent entry about this very thing here. Which proves again that Wil Wheaton is a god among men.

4 responses to “FLOG MY CRAP!

  1. It is spam and I get tons of it. On the upside it is a sign that your blog is getting higher in the google ratings. They are hoping if you don't clear your comments, their link gets posted and they can ride on your ratings to get their links attached to your ratings. Some run it with bots and if you allow the ones without links to be posted they come back with even MORE intruders. I don't use captcha anymore, but I do review all the comments and delete the spam. This has nothing to do with getting you to review their products, just riding out your hard work at getting your blog rated.

  2. Yeah, bots are fun! 😀 I use the "You have to verify you're not a bot" thing and it seems to weed out the spam comments I get, but I'm starting to get the emails all, "We'll give you coupons to harass people to buy our stuff!!!" No thanks!!

  3. I got a weight loss thing too. I also opted to ignore it. I think I can give more sound advice on that subject than spamming people. I'm sure you are as well.

  4. LOL The spammers are out to get us all!!!

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