My Awesome Day

So you all know I’m Canadian, right? I’m from BC, Canada, and I’m currently living in Alabama, and I’ve been trying to become a permanent resident. So yesterday we drove the three hours to Atlanta (with the kids. In the car. In a rainstorm) and arrived. We got checked into a crappy motel, the Motel 6 in Union City- I do NOT recommend it. The bathroom wasn’t “filthy” but it wasn’t “clean.” The beds were uncomfortable, the pillows were uncomfortable, and it REEKED of some sort of floral Febreeze-esque spray that aggravated allergies and stuff. But it was cheap. And that was what we were going for at the time. Next time, though… We’ll probably invest a few extra dollars.

We went out for dinner with a friend-in-a-box and we had a good time! And then, of course, tried bedtime. The kids have never overnighted anywhere that wasn’t directly in our apartment. (Aside from birth, of course.) So they were wired as hell. Between them sleeping poorly, the allergies, different family members snoring, the beds, the temperature, and someone calling the hotel room repeatedly at 11:30 at night until we unplugged the phone, neither Mr. Craft Frog nor I really slept.

This morning, my poor little girl fell off the bed and cracked the side of her head on the nightstand. 😦 She has a REALLY nasty bruise there, poor thing.

But then we got to go to see the nice folks at the immigration office in Atlanta! And it made me laugh; someone told a guy to get ahead of us in the hallway (’cause tired kids walk slowly, for reals), but we still got called in before he did. Karma sides with tired children.

It basically seemed like the immigration officer was making sure that we are legitimately married and not trying to cheat the system. And verify all the details that we’d provided. I’ve totally been approved as a permanent resident! So YAY! We got out of there fairly quickly, and then went to a Waffle House for breakfast, and then home.

And the IHOP we stopped at on the way into Atlanta was crap. I think it was in Newnan? It was just on the other side of the Georgia border. The service was horrible. HORRIBLE. The food wasn’t worth the price and the poor service. Blah. But the Waffle House we stopped at on the way back was awesome. There’s just something really comforting and awesome about simple greasy diner food, you know?

AND!!! I can crochet in the car!!! I suffer from severe motion sickness. Ferris Wheels get me. Reading for a minute in the car gets me. Same with using a computer, looking down to dial a phone number, texting, any other time-spending activity I’ve tried. But not crochet! So I got some good quality crochet in.

One more random observation: My phone doesn’t change the display time when I cross time-zones, even after powering off and back on again.

So it was a pretty good day. It’s a load of stress off my shoulders, for reals. I’m so tired, though. I kind of feel like I’m moving through molasses. My body is tired… But my mind isn’t. So I’m awake. Slow and clumsy and kind of scattered, but awake!!!

5 responses to “My Awesome Day

  1. That must be a huge relief. Congrats.

  2. Joy, congratulations!

  3. Thank you both! πŸ˜€

  4. Congrats! Motel 6 is crap, but they leave the light on for ya.

  5. Thanks! They are… But it was somewhere to sleep that wasn't outside. πŸ˜€

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