What I’m Doing

This week in The Craft Frog… Earlier I mentioned Twitter, trying to be as absolutely pretentious as possible. 😉 I’m on Twitter @Thecraftfrog. Or you can search by my name Joy Koestner, or the email address I list here. Mostly just random observations; I do most of my crochet right by computer and I do a LOT of random thinking while I crochet. So random babbles.

I finished two softies, you can see them here and here. I have more planned, including a ballerina, a police officer, and all branches of the military. And a baker and… Lots. 😀

I’m toiling away on the Fairy Garden. I’m going to have to take a break from it soon to finish up a couple of orders, but I’d say we’re getting close to half done. I think I need to make the base before I make the rest of it, and that’s going to take some figuring.

And Christmas minis. And a whole bunch of minis. And scarves, and slippers, and my daughter has requested a Raiders football and they’re going to need new hats and mittens in the month or two… Lots to do. And food. Lots of food. I WANT AN ETSY FOOD EMPIRE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Or… Just… I want to make more food. I prefer crocheting food to cooking it. Plus, crochet food is totally vegan and fat-free! 😉

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