The Belly Dancer

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… or really about 6 or 7 years ago back in Canada… I was a belly dancer. I wasn’t phenomenal, I would put myself at “good beginner.” I loved it. LOVED it. Sadly I haven’t been able to get back into it, though it’s in my “I want to do this in the near future” list. We’ll see.

After my coat stand mishap that took three days of my time, I needed a “quick” finish to refresh myself. I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing bigger softies for about a month now, mulling through a pirate with a pegleg and a witch and then I was all, “OH! I KNOW!” So I made a belly dancing kitty.


I was thinking about doing zills and realized there was no way to attach them to this model with it still looking good. I was thinking about a veil, but a crochet veil would have been too thick and bulky and I don’t have the right kind of fabric to do a fabric veil. So she’s veil-less.

I love her. As I was making her, my daughter was all, “She so pretty!” so she has 3-year-old approval. You can find her here.

And now… I have other softies I want to make. In addition to the pirate and witch, I’m thinking through a police officer, a ballerina. So now there’s more on my list of things to make! 😀

2 responses to “The Belly Dancer

  1. Super cute! What about chiffon or tulle for a veil?

  2. Those are both great ideas! I would probably go for tulle over chiffon, just 'cause the idea of sewing chiffon (even to hem up the edges) scares the crap out of me. 😉 I may need to check a remnant bin somewhere for a scrap of tulle…

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