We’ll Call Them "Learning Experiences"

Anyone who’s involved with anything creative will say (often in colorful language- at least I do!!) that screwing up is just another part of it. And after spending most of my “work” time the last three days on something that is now lost somewhere in the kids’ room as I try to decide whether or not it’s worth pulling apart and salvaging at least part of or if it’s better just left as a “toy”- I’m really feeling it. So I decided to share a couple of my latest messes.

This is a tree. Yes, really. I like the basic idea of it, but the execution is… Well, it looks like an angry coat stand. With flowers on it. And feet.  I like the idea for the roots, but the proportion is wrong. I like the general shape and idea of the tree, but without a lot of wire it’s just not going to get there. One of my mottoes that I’m running with is, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” (Who said that?) This is not done well. Since I have to start over anyway, I’m going in a completely different direction for this part of the project. I’m keeping my pattern notes because I think it’s worth revisiting in the future but for now… Just not happening.

(Not the doll, she’s a keeper! 😀 ) Honestly, I love this. I’m not too wild about the color of the base, but I’m loving the outside. The only problem is that it’s a bit too small. It looks more like a fairy garbage can than the base of a wishing well. So now it is a “cup” for the kids and cats to play with.

2 responses to “We’ll Call Them "Learning Experiences"

  1. Thanks Iesadora! That sunflower one is ADORABLE! 😀

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