WiP Wednesday!

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No linky this week ’cause the lovely Lee is working on a fabulous fabric collection, but I figured I’d post about what I’ve been up to! And am going to be up to. And am percolating in my little head.

Let’s see… Still no quilting. OMG. I have sooooooo many crochet projects either on the go or in my head that I “need” to get finished, it’s going to be a few weeks. I might make naptime my hobby time and nighttime my “work” time… But not right now.

I just finished a screwdriver. Well, I finished it last night. It’s currently sitting on top of my computer as I try to decide if I’m going to make the rest of the tools and a toolbox before my son’s birthday to give to him… Of if he would even care. Right now I’m thinking it would be looked at, and then discarded in favor of running after the cat. I have a few months, though…

Currently sitting in front of me, I have three parts of a little snowman waiting to be sewn together. I’ll get that finished up today and then the pattern all written out and PDF’ed. I think I need more black embroidery floss. I’m hoping I have some tucked in one of my boxes o’ embroidery floss, but I’m not sure. Between eyes, a mouth, and buttons, I don’t know that I have enough.

And my latest thought? CROCHETED PLAYSETS for my little minis! Yeah!! And I’m working on a way to get their legs and arms to be poseable. I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed in the amount of plastic playset you get for your money these days. My first ventures will probably be a fairy garden and a clubhouse (for the childrens for Yule) and then I’m also thinking of an undersea playground, a PIRATE SHIP (’cause who doesn’t love pirates?) and way off in the far distance, a castle.

And since every good blog post needs a picture… Here is my kids’ room 10 minutes after I cleaned and vacuumed.

My daughter’s favorite phrase right after I clean? “I making mess!”

2 responses to “WiP Wednesday!

  1. At least you got it vacuumed.

  2. That is so true!

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