Everyone Likes Giveaways!!


So. Here’s the deal. There are a bunch of fabulous things going on right now. I have over 100 followers, 200 FB followers, I’ve been blogging for over a year, I’ve made over 100 blog posts, and I opened up the store… Basically, we’re way past due for a giveaway. AND… It’s my birthday this week.

So what does this mean for you? Well… Since you’re supposed to get breakfast in bed for your birthday (or so I hear, never happened for me) I will make you breakfast. And send it to you.

Ugly couch not included.

But that’s not all. I know I have some fabric-y followers and some crochet-y followers, so the lucky winner also gets to choose between:

~2/3 of a yard of this VeggieTales quilter’s cotton



~one of my crochet mini patterns. And not just my mini monsters, you can also choose between a snowman, a pirate, a knight and a princess. (To clarify, even though the witch, mummy, vampire, and ghost are bundled together, you would get to choose just one of them.)

Or really, you could choose both the fabric and the pattern if you happen to both crochet and love fabric.

Most of this giveaway is only open to US residents, ’cause international shipping is too spendy for me right now. Non-US residents can still enter to win the crochet pattern, but if you win you won’t be able to get the breakfast or the fabric.

So how do you enter? Leave me a comment describing your perfect birthday present. You do not have to be a follower of my blog to enter. For example, my ideal birthday present is a day off. Like, completely off. A day where someone else does all the housework so that I don’t have to play catch-up the following day AND watches the kids, while I’m somewhere far away in a spa getting a massage, drinking champagne, and relaxing in a hot tub. Yes please.
This giveaway will run until Thursday September 22 at 11:59 PM EST and I will do the draw whenever I get up on Friday morning, and probably after at least half a cup of coffee. I will use a random number generator to draw the winner. If you are a no reply blogger, please also leave your email address so that I can contact you! I will contact the winner via email and ask questions like, which prize do you want? Where the heck am I sending this?

13 responses to “Everyone Likes Giveaways!!

  1. I love an outing with my husband. We try to plan a day trip for my birthday and those are my favorites. I would love to enter for the crochet items. Great giveaway.

  2. My husband took me to Key West for my 40th birthday. That was wonderful! The best part was spending the day alone with my loving husband.

  3. How fun! I'll play. My perfect birthday present would be much like yours – completely not responsible for anyone or anything except for pampering myself at a spa. Oh and then a nice evening out. With a new outfit. And shoes. I don't ask for much.

  4. Happy Birthday!I pick the breakfast, so cute! :)My perfect birthday present… hrmmm… day off work for me and the hubby, sleep in, brunch, a good jog and then a walk with the dog, some crafting time, and then go out to dinner/dessert – relaxing, fun, and yummy 🙂

  5. My favorite day would be a day off, while my husband's at work, my son's at school, no one calls, and I can actually "think". I love thinking and getting creative about what I'm going to make next.

  6. My b-day is coming soon too, a depressing new decade. That breakfast would cheer me up!!

  7. My perfect birthday present was getting to spend time on the beach with my family.

  8. Hmmm.. my birthday is coming in November so this is a good question. I will no doubt being something Nana related since my 3 year old granddaughter lives with us. So what would a perfect one be????? Maybe a goregous November day, taking a walk on the beach or Colonial Williamsburg or thru a nice tree lined street, enjoying the outside without having to worry about bills, chores, and just relax. Not necessarily do I have to be alone since I rarely am so I won't even think of that. No need for anything fancy, no big gifts just a peaceful day. No arguments, no crying from anyone allowed. LOL

  9. My perfect birthday is dinner and a movie. Hubby and I are a day and 10 yrs apart in age, so we celebrate together.

  10. VEGGIE TALES!!! The kid frickin' LOVES veggie tales.My perfect birthday… waking up to a clean house, having ice cream for breakfast, and getting to sew uninterrupted. Sigh.

  11. Perfect birthday….hmm…a whole day with no obligations where I get to do anything I wanted without worrying.wxgeek96@gmail.com

  12. Waking up to the sound of laughter and smiles. Being surronded my loved ones. And a beautiful day =) THAT is a perfect birthday =)My email is dpoohcrew@gmail.com

  13. My Perfect birthday would be a trip to see you!

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