More Minis!

One more monster mini just in time for Halloween. Or, you know… In time for Halloween next month. *cough*


I was all, “I wonder what I can do with the zombie to make him a little different? I KNOW! I’ll give him a severed arm!” So he has a severed arm. And raggedy pants. And I picked up a pale gray yarn yesterday and I want to make another one with gray.

So I finished all these fabulous minis, where are the patterns? They are on Etsy! I’ve decided to sell the patterns for my minis in my little store! I have plans for more, including a pirate, a medieval set, a Christmas set, and something with a mermaid (although whether it will just be a mermaid, or a set of fantasy characters, I don’t know yet).

All of my other patterns will continue to show up here. I finally got some wooden skewers and I’m thinking of a tool set and little toolbox although I don’t know if it’s going to be for my son’s birthday (I can’t believe my baby is turning two in December!) or just more, “Here, Mama just made this!” And a rubber ducky and a box of chocolates and more food…

AND… There’s been talk of a giveaway. I’ll put up all the details on Monday!

4 responses to “More Minis!

  1. Great job. I have had to declare an end to Halloween crocheting and start Thanksgiving. It helps that I got a swap package with a turkey pattern today.

  2. LOL! That's about where I'm at too. I keep thinking, "Oh, I could make this…" but I think I've done enough Halloween for now. I'm starting to think Christmas.

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