It’s Here!!

The store. It’s ready!! Yay!! It’ll open at 12:00 AM EST on Monday. (Yes, I’m in Central time. It’s Monday somewhere! šŸ˜‰ )

Most of the things are made-to-order. I do have a little bit of stock on hand, but most of my crochet time that I’m not actively working on orders will be put towards making new projects. And sewing. I haven’t sewed in a couple of weeks.

The shipping is a little borked. Right now, I’m using the priority flate-rate boxes and envelopes, which means that you can pay the same amount of shipping for a $20.00 as a $4.00. I know. On the smaller items, the shipping with another item is set pretty low so that if you order a few things that’ll fit in the small box, you should pay around the same price. If you are ordering a few things, send me a message and I’ll combine it into a custom order for you to save on shipping. I will be fixing the shipping in the future.

If you’ve seen something here or on Facebook that you want that you don’t see in the store (sadly not Abby or Elmo or any other licensed characters), send me a message and I’ll be happy to make a custom order for you! Custom orders are not limited to projects I’ve already completed, just let me know what’s on your mind!

And… Finally… The coupon code! This is good for two weeks, so until September 26. OPENING01 is good for 15% off everything in the store (including custom orders paid for during that time), excluding shipping.

4 responses to “It’s Here!!

  1. Best wishes on your new store.

  2. Thanks Bailey! šŸ˜€

  3. Congrats!!! The store looks great!!! I just opened on the 1st of this month I know it's hard work!!! Love all the items!! My daugter saw the Kitty hat and gloves and said "Awww how cute!".

  4. šŸ˜€ Thanks! I didn't realize how much work it would be, you know?

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