The Farmer’s Baby

Well, to be fair, he’s almost two. And he’s decided that I can’t take pictures without him being involved. At least the older one will come and sit beside me so she can see the screen. Him? He has to stand directly in front of me and peer over the top of the camera (or try to), usually pointing at the LCD on the back.

Anyway. This week’s blocks came together REALLY quickly. I spent one naptime tracing and cutting template pieces and the foundation patterns, and then the next naptime I sewed everything together, with enough time left over to get some crocheting done!

Block 6- Big Dipper (templates)
Block 66- Periwinkle (foundation pieced)

9 responses to “The Farmer’s Baby

  1. I think he adds to the picture. 🙂

  2. My oldest (5yo) does that to me. He has to put a hand or stick his face in the way when I try to take a picture.

  3. LOL me too Bailey! Plus he totally draws attention away from my less than perfect points ;)@Pisces- I figure they're just trying to help. Frame the shot or whatever. 😉

  4. Thanks! 😀

  5. Well, chubby little toddler feet are always cute :)And your points look pretty good to me, so I don't think the distraction is needed

  6. Thanks! 😀 (Baby feet distraction mission accomplished! 😉 )

  7. awww too cute with bubby there too. Your blocks are lovely too.

  8. Thank you! 😀

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