Farmer’s Wife Thursday!

It’s another one! And I’m all caught up now! Going forward I think that 2 blocks a week is way feasible. I also saw a Civil War sampler floating around and I may give that a go. I think it has… 56 blocks? So I might do one block a week. We’ll see.

The blocks this week were kind of a mixed bag. I had to template piece three out of the four blocks and I’m surprised and pleased with how well they turned out, for the most part. They still need a lot of trimming and my points don’t REALLY match up, but I have a real love-hate relationship with those templates. And, of course, silly me has just been using paper templates instead of making actual templates. BIG mistake. Huge. ‘Cause when you run your mechanical pencil around the paper, it degrades the paper in a big way. Some of my templates (ahem, 7, 13, 20…) are really starting to be a little worse for wear. So going forward, I think I’m going to HAVE to make actual templates. I’ve been saving my cereal boxes!!

I’m trying to decide what pair to do for next week. The next two in the book are one I *think* I can rotary cut for and one will need to be foundation-pieced… And then the two that I’m thinking about (I saw a REALLY striking Strawberry Basket on the Flickr group and I wanted to give that one a try) will probably just be rotary cut. Plus, the one it’s paired with in the book? EASY! Probably one of the easiest blocks in the book.

Enough of my blah blah. On to the blocks!

Block 64- Peace and Plenty (rotary cut)
Block 53- Jackknife (templates)
Block 74- Ribbons (templates)
Block 10- Bow Tie (templates)

3 responses to “Farmer’s Wife Thursday!

  1. Love how your blocks turned out. Very fun fabrics, and you can really see the block patterns. I too have been pleasantly surprised with how well my blocks are turning out, LOL!

  2. LOL Thank you!

  3. Beautiful blocks.

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