Thursday on the Farm

Pseudo on the farm. With quiltyness. No actual farm.

I am almost caught up. I would probably be caught up if one of my “works in progress” this past week hadn’t been being sucked into a video game. Dragon Age II. And I would actually probably be done that if I hadn’t started over when I was halfway through. It’s just that I realized that I preferred Fenris to Anders, and by then I was already stuck with Anders… Er. Sucked into video games. Almost caught up. I think I have to make 4 blocks this week and I’ll be caught up to “everyone else.” A couple of the ones coming up look a little tricky, and then there’s a HST block which is time-consuming but not really difficult, and a super easy looking block. So I should be able to do it. Even if I do get sucked into video games. And then, of course, crochet to do.

This is my only sewing project on the go right now. And it might stay that way for a little bit. (At least until I finish Dragon Age II.)

I did go a little out of order this week. While working on Century of Progress I saw Cats and Mice and was all, “I totally know what fabric I want to use for that!” so I did that one and its mate. Paris Cats, of course, and then a fabric that reminds me a little of tail-less mice. Or tail-less sperm. But I didn’t realize the sperm thing until after it was all together.

Block 58- Mother’s Dream (templates)
Block 77- Seasons (templates)
Block  51- Hovering Birds (rotary cut)
Block 17- Cats and Mice (templates and rotary cut)
Block 34- Flock (rotary cut)
Block 107- Windblown Square (rotary cut)
Block 46- Hill and Valley (templates)
Block 18- Century of Progress (foundation pieced, and the last seam will not iron flat)

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