Summer Sampler- Done!

So I’m done. And by done, I mean the blocks are going to be bagged up in the closet until I can get batting and backing fabric for it. The original idea was to do two of each block but I don’t have quite enough fabric for that, so it’s going to be a FMQ skill-builder wall-hanging. That’s the current theory, anyway! 😀


Bad lighting, story of my life! I live in a small walk-up and getting outside for some natural light with two small children seems more hassle than practical. And ant hills all over the yard… So. Bad lighting!

Here are the individual blocks that aren’t in my other post. I had a LOT of fun making this and I learned a lot (including a better HST way that I like and paper piecing)!

Block 8 was a snap. After I got the time to do it, that is! 😀 I love this block. I’ve totally gone from, “Ugh, dreaded HSTs,” to, “Yay! HSTs are easy!” (I’m planning a post in the near future all about HSTs.)

Block 9… My rows don’t match. I’ve decided that it adds “charm” and is not worth taking poor Francois to half the block. I really like how the pink and blue look together!

Block 10 took forever. Not because it was difficult to put together but because my sewing time was cut down quite a bit. 

Block 11 was supposed to be string pieced. I did not string piece. I thought it would look kind of funny to have only one string pieced block in the quilt.

Block 12 came together pretty quickly. I like the idea of doing the star points with the background.

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