Farmer’s Wife Thursday

Crap on a stick. I had half a post all written out and I was in the middle of putting pictures into it and it just vanished. I am less than amused.

Anyway. I have 12 blocks done now, so I’m a little over half done. I’m hoping to be caught up by the end of the week. It’s a naive hope, but everyone needs a goal, right! 😉

I learned this week that if there’s a row with a lot of bias-y sewing, I need to paper piece or something. I have two blocks that I’m not really happy with (and I may go back and redo later) because they ended up really wonky.

It was baby feet last week and kitty paws this week. I swear, crafty things are like a magnet.

Block 72- Railroad (rotary cut)
Block 24- Country Path (templates)
Block 79- Silver Lane (templates)
Block 86- Squash Blossoms (templates)
Block 26- Cut Glass Dish (rotary cut)
Block 40- Friendship Block (foundation pieced)
Block 54- Kitchen Woodbox (foundation pieced)

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