The Farmer’s Frog?

Yeah, I did. With a bunch of beautiful little blocks popping up all over Blogland, I was all, “I need something to cut down on my scraps!” Right. I’ll say I do anyway. So…


I got sucked into the letters. I’m really big on history and each letter is a picture of what life was like back in the ’20s.

I also got sucked into the blocks. I started out from block one and did a couple. Super easy, super fast. Then came the first applique block and I was all, “Um… No.” So then I figured I’d do a couple from the end. Wrench is the exact same pattern as Churn Dash, just with different colors… So I did both of those. And then I was all, “I know! I’ll do them in the order they’re presented with the letters!” So while I haven’t actually completed all of them, I’m doing the “mate” of the first four I finished. Then I’m going to start from the beginning and work through the letters.

I’ve figured it out, though. The first few blocks are really easy and fast, so you get sucked into it. Then you come across something like block #7 with a millionty HSTs. So you do it, because you tell yourself, “It’s only one block, surely the rest of them can’t all be like that!” And because you’ve already become a part of the Farmer’s Wife collective, you can’t stop. 😉

I’m using a combination of the templates, foundation piecing, and rotary cutting. I absolutely refuse to use the templates when all I’m cutting out are squares and HSTs. Rotary cutting is MUCH faster. And while templates are kind of a pain in the ass to use, it’s way easier to fussy cut with templates!!

So here’s what I have finished. I’m trying to get caught up to the 18 that “everyone else” doing the Flickr QA has done, and then I’ll just be doing two a week. I’m planning on updating my progress on Thursdays for now… (And yes, there are assorted baby body parts in the pictures. He refused to not be a part of the whole experience.)

Block 111- Wrench (rotary cut)
Block 30- End of Day (template)
Block 2- Autumn Tints (rotary cut)
Block 20- Churn Dash (rotary cut)
Block 1- Attic Windows (foundation pieced)

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