WiP Wednesday!

Wednesday just seems to keep happening, like… every week!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This week… What’s been going on this week. Well, I finished my Butterfly Garden quilt top and now it’s stashed away in a closet with the backing fabric. It’s looking like it’s going to be a donation quilt. While I think it’s pretty, I just don’t love it.

The Summer Sampler Series is going pretty well. Today’s block is a millionty HSTs and we have errands to do outside the house today, so I may not get it done until tonight or even tomorrow. Here’s my blocks so far:

Crochet- I actually have done some! I just need to do some more. 😀

Potty-training- I’d say we’re about halfway there! She’s pretty much day-trained, now we just need to work on using the potty in public places (public toilets terrify her, I can’t say I blame her) and diaper-free nap and bedtimes.

Thank you Lee! Go and check out Lee’s great blog and other WiPs!

5 responses to “WiP Wednesday!

  1. Public toilets terrify me, too! Smart girl. ;D

  2. Good luck finishing your donation quilt. I have a afghan I am crocheting for Christmas as my current WIP. I just found out that a local Church is collecting donations for a craft sale in Sept for their school so I have to switch gears and get some dinos made.

  3. I love your color choices for the summer sampler. My daughter is still in a pull up at bed time, she rarely naps and when she does she passes out in the chair watching a cartoon or something so I just have to hope an pray she doesn't have an accident.

  4. Love your summer sampler blocks. So bright and festive!

  5. @Lyn- LOL Yeah. Me too a little. Poor girl! :D@Bailey- Your dinos are so adorable!!! I haven't even thought about Christmas yet… Yikes!@Pisces- Yeah we're getting out of the naptime too. My hubby suggested pull-ups for her but I was all, "But pull-ups are more expensive and she wears the same size diaper as her brother!"@Melinda- Thank you! 😀

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