My Baby Ate My Template

No, really.
The part on the right is the bit I fished out of his mouth. This is the same boy who went to the ER for swallowing a toothpick. Sigh. Luckily it was after I’d finished using it. The template, not the toothpick.

I realized that I’m over halfway through the Summer Sampler Series and I haven’t really said much about it, so here it is. A lot of pictures.
Block 1 is my favorite block I’ve ever made. I have moments where I look at it and go, “Did I really make that?” because I love it so much. Not that it’s perfect… I made a measuring/cutting error with the pink and if you squint you can see that the HSTs are a little big. I absolutely love it though.

Block 2 went together really quickly! I think this would be cool as an entire quilt with this block ’cause it would be the crosses and squares. I may try that sometime in the future. At least a doll quilt. πŸ˜€

Block 3 is actually redone. I initially had all of the different fabrics paired up beside each other, but I didn’t love it. It didn’t look balanced to me. Now I love it. I didn’t think I would like that background fabric as a background fabric, but I really do!

Block 4, or 50000000 HSTs. There’s a couple of spots where it doesn’t line up, but I’m pretty happy with it overall. Most of the time on this block was spent… trimming HSTs.

Block 5, my first paper-piecing adventure ever. I love paper-piecing. Love! Do not love ripping out the tiny stitches that you need for paper-piecing.

Block 6 was a mess. Just a mess. My paper-piecing template was a little too small, so in order to make the block 12.5″, I had to sew a very scant 1/4″ seam. I’m trying to pretend that it’s a part of the design that they’re off center. I may have just redone it if it already wasn’t my second go-around on this particular block. I have a pile of diamonds that are now scrap because of a measuring error. I do like working with diamonds but I’m accepting that this block is the total screw-up of the bunch.

Block 7 doesn’t quite match up, but I really love it. Part of my love is the background I think, I really love the daisies on blue (Pick a Bunch, by the way). Equilateral triangles are fun!

While I was making this, I realized that I loved samplers a lot. Enough to get involved in the Famer’s Wife QA! So I ordered my book. I’m really excited about making it. The blocks are 6.5″ which means that I can use a bunch of my scraps! That is, if it gets delivered correctly…

This brings us to the whining portion of the blog entry. I was the lucky winner of The Fabric Donkey’s latest giveaway. (The Fabric Donkey is awesome. For reals. Go there!) And I never win anything. This totally made my month. Except… With the way my luck runs, I’m almost positive that it was delivered to the wrong box. Yesterday (probably the day it should have arrived) our mailbox was TOTALLY empty (a very, very rare event. I think it’s happened twice in the almost-three-years we’ve been here) and I saw a parcel key in the box next to ours.  Now, it could be that it hasn’t arrived yet (it’s coming from the complete other side of the country) and if that was it, I’m hoping that my neighbours will be wonderful enough to at least drop it back into the post box for the mailman to redeliver. I need happy fabric thoughts! πŸ˜‰

2 responses to “My Baby Ate My Template

  1. What beautiful blocks. I am not a quilter but my paternal grandmother was and I am fortunate enough to have a quilt she made for me. I hope your mail issues are resolved soon.

  2. Thank you, Bailey, I hope so too!

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