Butterfly Garden

I finished the top. And now it’s probably going to sit folded up with the backing fabric in my craft closet for a good while. I don’t love it. Part of me wants to get it finished so that it’s done and over with, but batting is spendy and I’ve already spent crafty money this month. (More on that when what I got actually gets here. A hint, I drank the Kool-aid.)
It’s five really easy block patterns. Those are 8″ blocks with 1″ sashing. The pieced border is 4″, the pink border is 2″. It looks pretty much the way I expected it to, and while I think it’s pretty to look at in the picture, I think it’s just that it’s not really me. I may end up donating this quilt. I am very pleased with the sashing and how I (mostly) got it to line up.

But! Between this top finished (and the back figured out, but not sewn together) and my kaleidoscope finish, my sewing table has a lot more room on it. And now I can crochet like mad without feeling like I need to get this done first (because I started it first).

3 responses to “Butterfly Garden

  1. Pretty. I can picture this quilt at a picnic in the park or on a wicker chair on a big front porch. I think I have looked at too many better homes and gardens magazines over the years. It would also look super cute on a little girls bed especially if she had soft pink (lighter than your boarders) walls.

  2. I think it is pretty. However, from experience I can say donating stuff you don't love is a great way to declutter and make someone else's day. I am amazed at the stuff I am not "thrilled" with that other people seem to fall in love with that I have made. I can never predict what it will be, but it seems to make someone's day.

  3. Thank you both! The more I look at it, the more I think I do want to donate it. It could sit here and be just another quilt around the house, or it could go to someone who will really appreciate it!

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