Kaleidoscope- Done!

All done. Ok, not ALL done. I still haven’t washed it, and I need to go through and snip the loose threads off (maybe tonight during Deadliest Catch if I can stay awake?) but it’s quilted and bound (binded?). It’ll need to wait to go through the wash until probably this weekend. I can’t realistically do laundry without my husband at home, and he’s working a long shift every day this week.


I meant to have this done last night, but SOMEONE swallowed half a toothpick and I was at the ER until the wee hours of the morning. He’s ok, he’s just tired.

It’s 4×6 blocks, with a 2″ and a 4″ border. I used the C&C machine quilting thread, which a lot of people say will randomly break for them even if they have their tension set perfectly. It did the same thing for me until I wound about four bobbins from it, then it was fine.

This was a lot of learning and a lot of firsts for me. This is my first pieced back (I’m not counting my reversible quilt, ’cause that’s really two tops). There’s about a yard of that black fabric and everything else is what was left over from the front. This is my first pieced batting. And this is my first quilt that’s really FOR ME. I can sleep under this at night instead of “borrowing” my son’s big-boy quilt that I’m actually going to transition him to using soon because the crib-size one is getting too small.

I learned a lot about my machine. With the Brother xl2600i, the feed dogs don’t drop. It comes with this little plastic “darning plate” that I am now throwing away. I always had issues with my top thread being WAY too loose when FMQ, so I decided to give it a go without that stupid darning plate. No more tension issues (from that). I learned that there’s a trick to threading it too, you have to REALLY make sure that it’s threaded in one of the places it needs to be, and it’s impossible to see from the outside. Yeah, I want a new one.

I also learned a lot about fabric quality. And I machine-sewed the binding on instead of hand-sewing for the first time ever.

It’s a bit sloppy in places, but overall I’m really happy with it. I love it. Thank you to Elizabeth from Don’t Call Me Betsy for hosting this QA, it was a lot of fun!

9 responses to “Kaleidoscope- Done!

  1. Love the border on your kaleidoscope!!

  2. That's so awesome that this is your first quilt for you 🙂 Congratulations on finishing it up!! It really looks lovely!

  3. Thank you both! 😀

  4. Awesome job. I am glad you are keeping it, it turned out lovely. I think we have the same sewing machine. Mine only threads through "that" loop about 1/2 the time. I sometimes forget to use the plastic feed dogs cover and have never really noticed a difference either way. 🙂

  5. LOL We probably do! It's a pain, but it wasn't too spendy and it works! 😉

  6. Congrats on your first quilt – amazing first project! It's lovely.

  7. Thanks Debbie! 😀

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