WiP Wednesday!


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thank you Lee!

I’m waiting for my coffee to percolate. So. This may not make much sense. 😉

Crochet-wise, I’m at the same place I was on Saturday. But there’s more Deadliest Catch recorded, so more crochet will get done. I think I can manage to be done by the end of the week. (But don’t hold me to that. 😉 )

You know how I said I joined the Summer Sampler Series? Well… I was kind of on the fence about joining and then thought, “Oh, what the hell.” I ran through my stash, came out with a bunch of bright fabrics, and joined the Flickr group. I am SUPER glad I did.
This is my favorite block I’ve ever made. And today’s block looks just as fun. I can’t wait for naptime to get sewing!

I got a little ahead on my kaleidoscope.
The back is going to take a lot of thought and a lot of piecing, and I want some time to be able to do that AND quilt the sucker. And since I’m going to be FMQ-ing the stuffing out of it (well, not really the stuffing part) I’m going to need some time for that too.
The vaginas are gone.
I was debating fussy cutting for them but I just didn’t have enough fabric.

 Butterfly Garden- I got my borders mostly cut and started sewing them together. I just need to cut a few pieces of my solid and I’ll be completely finished cutting (for the front). Sadly, this is probably going to sit as an unfinished quilt top for a while until I can get some batting for it. Batting is spendy!

Happy Wednesday! Go check out Lee’s great blog and the other WiPs!

5 responses to “WiP Wednesday!

  1. {S spitsodaVaginas?? lololol I'm still laughing. :DLove your kaleidoscopes

  2. 😀 Thanks!! A friend pointed out that the fabric looked like abstract vaginas and after that, that was all I could see. 😉

  3. I'm dying! I didn't even catch it the first time through until I saw LynCC's comment. Your kaleidoscope looks great!

  4. 😀 Thanks Melinda!

  5. O M G – vaginas – that is so true! LOL

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