I realized I hadn’t posted this week except for WiP Wednesday, so here’s another post.



Sigh. I did do some crochet this week, I got the legs and arms finished for my son’s red puppy and sewn on. Although I am glad that I didn’t get it whipped up earlier, because…


… my son picked a lovey! So now I need to make a tiny pink bunny for his puppy instead of a bear. Shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Kaleidoscope is going. I’ve got all my blocks done and I’m procrastinating from trimming them up. That’s on tap for today as soon as I take out the garbage, and sweep and mop. Maybe, if my son is still napping, I’ll start sewing them together. Maybe. We’ll see.

A couple of finished blocks, pre-trim.

I started cutting the border pieces for my Butterfly Garden, but that stalled out when the sewing instructions for the KQA went up.

I also joined… Summer Sampler Series! ‘Cause I need more ongoing projects, right?
Those are my fabrics. I went stash shopping and this is what I came out with. It starts Monday. I don’t know that I’m going to be able to complete all three blocks in a week, but I’ll definitely give it a try!!

4 responses to “Saturday

  1. You may find he wants a bear and a bunny at this rate. I love the colors.

  2. LOL He probably will!

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