WiP Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thanks Lee!! Happy Wednesday. Tired Wednesday. Coffee Wednesday.

I only have one picture for you today.


As always, please excuse the horrible lighting. To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t really loving it after I got the blocks done. But then I added the sashing and now I love it again. I’ve decided on a pieced border and another border and those will be going on soon. Need to cut, sew, then sew some more.

I whipped up these really easy shorts this weekend. Took a couple of hours, my daughter calls them her “pinky shorts.”

Ok, I lied. Here’s another picture.
That’s a picture with all my prints in it, the prints are pieced together. Tomorrow’s step is going to be finishing up the blocks and I’m pretty sure that once the blocks are together, I’ll have to complete the quilt top and start looking at borders. I have a layout all written down on paper, and I try not to let anything formulate on paper for too long because, well, I have small children. Who like paper.

Nothing yarn-related this week. At all. I have a date with some DVR’ed Deadliest Catch today during naptime, and because I have issues *not* multi-tasking (anyone else?) I’ll probably sit down with some crochet or some knitting. Something.

Potty training is in a holding pattern, which is to say that it’s going about as well as can be expected for only doing it “casually.” Our apartment laundry is on site, but it’s really no place to take small, busy children, so we’re going to need more panties. Tomorrow. And then we’ll start actually potty training. I’m so done with changing diapers.

5 responses to “WiP Wednesday!

  1. Yay for potty training! Have you considered making homemade panties?

  2. I love your kaleidoscope, it is so colourful! I too am awaiting the next instructions.

  3. @Jenn- I hadn't really thought about it! It's something to look into, but I'm not sure it would be more cost effective than buying them :/@Leanne- Thanks! New post is up, yay! 😀

  4. both of them are very pretty. Potty training has been ongoing in my house as well. I think the 3 year old is finally getting. I set a timer every hour (the top of the hour works best in case I forget) and make her go, she doesn't get a say in the means. Good luck! OH, and a bath tub or sink of hot water + laundry soap + plus little underwear, makes a great make shift washer.

  5. Thanks! 😀 Setting a timer is a great idea, I may just do that. And I was just wondering about the hand-washing the other day… That might be tomorrow morning's project 😉

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