In one of the remnant bundles I’m always raving about, I got some pink seersucker. My first thought- “I suppose I could use that in a quilt” with a dirty look. My second thought- “I have a little girl. Maybe I could make a skirt?” My third thought- “She’s not going to wear a skirt. I wonder how hard it would be to make shorts?”


Turns out that it’s SUPER easy. I used this tutorial and they took no time at all.

I can’t really speak to sizing, I saved the pattern as an image, opened it up in Paint and zoomed in until it was about the size of paper the tutorial mentions, and traced it on printer paper. Yeah, having no printer sucks.

But with that method, they fit pretty well, with enough room to grow that she may just be able to wear them next summer. And she totally loves them. I have more seersucker, but I need more elastic.

(And my stripes are straight.)

3 responses to “Shorts!

  1. Great job. They will wear well and wash up great.

  2. Yay Joy! Good for you! You can also make pajama pants with the same pattern 🙂

  3. Thank you! :DHmm… Pajamas… Marcus is probably going to need some new pajamas… 😀

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