So after making a post about how I was joining the Kaleidoscope QA I haven’t really talked about it. I mean for me, with my tendency to babble on about everything.

This week’s step was piecing together the prints, which I’ve done.

And tonight after a certain little boy goes to bed, I’ll probably start playing with a layout. But. These are all the prints against the natural background.
(And if you look closely you can see a little girl’s knee in the upper right corner.)

I’m a little undecided about borders. The fabric that inspired this whole thing was this-
-which a friend pointed out looks like abstract vaginas. (Thanks Bree. šŸ˜€ ) I decided against cutting it up into triangles for two reasons. The first being that I felt it was just too large-scale of a print to really translate well into triangles that size, and the other is that with almost a yard of it, it was going to overpower the other prints in the front and there are some that it doesn’t really “go” with.

So. It’s going to be a border, and what’s left I’m going to toss on the back. It’ll probably be pieced into some kaleidoscope blocks on the back, depending on how much is left, but we’ll see. There are going to be two borders. The other border is going to be a 2″ border and is either going to be the natural-colored background, OR this awesome green blender that I’m going to use for binding.


I’m flopping back and forth on it. I’ll probably end up polling the Flickr group, but if anyone has any input here, please share!! šŸ˜€

And this is going to be the “main” fabric of the back.
The vagina fabric goes really with with it, and so does the green (which is going to end up on the back if it doesn’t end up a border). It’s going to be pretty pieced together, and while I have a few vague ideas of how I want the back to look, nothing concrete.

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