Bedtime Kitty Sewing

June’s monthly softie is a bedtime kitty. And to complete the little set, I made some really quick and easy sewing projects! There’s a blankie, pillow, and quilt.


These are all made from scraps. They’re all put together pretty much the same way.

I chose two scraps that were 5 1/2″x4 1/2″. Put the top on your surface facing up, put the bottom one on top of it facing down (so that your right sides are together). Sew around three edges (my seam was about 3/8″). Turn out, fold about 3/8″ of the last edge down so the raw edge is inside, slip stitch closed on the last edge, topstitch around entire blankie.

Same thing. My pillow sides were 4 1/2″x2 1/2″. Put the right sides together, sew around three edges (3/8″ seam), turn out, stuff lightly, slip stitch closed.                                           

I didn’t want to mess with binding on this thing. The quilt top measured 10 3/8″x10 3/8″, so I made a bottom to match and cut out a third piece to go in the middle as the batting. Top on the bottom, facing up. Bottom on top of it facing down, wrong sides together. The third piece goes on top of the bottom, and it doesn’t matter which way it’s facing because you’ll never see it. I basted the three pieces together to make sure that they all fit together smoothly. Sew three edges together (standard quilting 1/4″ seam for this one), turn out (keep the middle and back together to make sure that the middle piece ends up in the middle), slip stitch last edge together, and quilt as desired. I topstitched around the edges, then did straight lines 1/4″ off the seam.

And… It is a little easier to slip stitch closed if you also sew just a little bit of the edge you’re going to turn out through. Leave it big enough to fit all of your fabric through.

(The lighting it really bad, but if you squint you can see it at the top.)

So all put together:


My daughter loves it. There’s going to be a slightly more boyish version in the near future!

And… I got my background fabric for the KQA today, so I’ll probably be spending my night cutting that up!

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