Monday Monday

It’s Monday. Last Monday I joined a challenge from Amy at Amy’s Creative Side to set a goal and finish something in a week. I figured that was reasonable, I have a lot going on craft-wise and I have two children to chase after.

Well, I got my frogs done on Tuesday. And here’s a picture again just because I love them so much.


And the kids love them. So they’re done. 😀

Currently, I’m procrastinating from cleaning just a little bit. I’m expecting some fabric today, including a fabulous mystery remnant bundle. I need to start my weekly housecleaning. I need to finish up June’s monthly softie (and get the second one I’m making of the same thing underway).

I made the mistake of looking up how to make little hexies, ’cause they’re just SO CUTE. Yeah. That was a mistake. Now my mind is going through, “Well, I want to make one out of every fabric that I’ve used. Do I have big enough scraps of some of the fabric?” Yeah. That was a bad move, ’cause I need to take on another time-wasting free-time project like I need that tub of ice cream sitting in my freezer.

4 responses to “Monday Monday

  1. Some projects cooperate, others not so much.Your frogs are adorable.I have been whipping through some projects and one I started and abandoned when I realized I had no idea what the pattern was doing and no patience to work through it. I decided to rework a different pattern to solve the problem. I hope to go back to the original as it is a skill I want to know how to do.

  2. These are really cute. Makes me feel like whipping up some of my own. Congratulations on meeting your goal!

  3. @Bailey- Thank you! I completely know the feeling. I feel like I'm banging my head against a couple of projects right now, so I'm putting them aside for later.@Melinda- Thank you! :D@Sue- Thanks! They are SUPER fast to make.

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