I Have a Minute

I have a minute to myself. The kids are both in bed (whether or not they’ll both actually stay there and sleep has yet to be determined), so I figured I would just babble away for a moment while I enjoy my coffee while it’s still hot. That, my friends, is an underrated luxury. Hot coffee.

I wanted to rave for a moment about Fabric.com. They don’t just carry fabric, either, I know most of my followers are yarn-users. (Let me insert that I just had to yell at my daughter about banging a toy on the wall. I’m willing to bet that she’s going to get up before “naptime” is over.) Anyway. Fabric.com. I placed an order with them on Wednesday, and one of the items I ordered was out of stock by the time they got to filling my order. Fair enough. I kinda figured it would be. It was a super sale item and there were four yards left by the time I placed my order. So they sent me an email about how they weren’t going to be able to fulfill that part of the order.

They shipped first thing this morning. I called them this morning and was all, “Hey… Since I couldn’t get that other fabric I wanted to order something else instead,” and they were all, “Well, why don’t we do that and I’ll waive the shipping (since orders over $35.00 have free shipping and my first order had been $35.77 or something like that).” Fab-u-lous. I didn’t have to fight with them, AND!!! Best of all… I received actual customer service. I’ve done my time in the service industry, both as phone tech support/customer service and working retail and in a few gas stations. And let me tell you, the level of customer service that you can expect from practically everywhere you go or call (except Chik-Fil-A) these days would have got me fired. And I doubt it’s just because everyone in Canada is polite. (It’s true- everyone is polite. Except in Vancouver, and I would imagine other large cities like Montreal and Toronto.)

The downside of that whole experience is that the fabric that they were out of and I had to make a replacement order for is the background fabric for my KQA. I should have all my prints chopped up by next Thursday, but chances are pretty good that I won’t get my fabric until Tuesday or Wednesday and I’m going to be a little behind.

Also, I’m making progress on my monthly softie. I’m going to put that up, and then put up my dessert-y crochet project next (which I did start before I realized that June is almost over). I was trying to save this for a Yule present, but since I have to work on it while the kids are awake, my daughter’s already seen what I’ve made so far and steals it to cuddle. She keeps telling me that it needs eyes.

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