Broken Promise

So I said I wasn’t going to touch more fabric until the Kaleidoscope QA… I broke my promise to myself. I haven’t even touched my yarn. But I did make…


The Mod Frogs!!!

Anyone who knows me knows about my frog obsession. I love frogs. I collect frogs. And I figured that in an effort to branch out a little from my quilty sewing box, I would make FROGS!

This is not my pattern. I found my template at Canadian Living. Gogo Canada. I traced the template onto some paper (no printer) and pretty much ignored the rest of the instructions.

After making the quilt that the frogs are on, I had a little less than a fat eighth of my four mod fabrics and I figured they would make cute frogs. I transferred the outline to the wrong side of a fabric, pinned my right sides together, free-motion sewed around the outline, cut out, stuffed, and slip-stitched closed. SUPER easy. I think most of my time making them was spent turning them right-side out.

The last bag of stuffing I picked up came with an almost-chopstick-looking-thing. I was all, “Eh?” Useless for crochet stuffing. I hung onto it, though. I’m glad I did. Ingenious for turning the limbs and the toes right-side out, and stuffing my stuffing into the toes. I used my polyfiber stuffing instead of lentils (and I think these would be awesome with sand, too).

So now on the radar is making my own template for frogs with four-toed feet and larger, rounder heads. But not today. Today, after I do my housework, I’m going to be crocheting.

Aaaaaand… Bec at Chasing Cottons is going over Machine Quilting as a part of her Quilt Class 101 series. I don’t think I shared this quilt when I first made it, but it’s the first (and only) quilt where the quilting wasn’t just quilting and was its own design element.

As part of a quilt exchange, I made a quilt for Quilt for the Kids. This was my second quilt ever, a D9P.


I used button thread and my walking foot, I wanted the quilting to really stand out.

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