Attic Window

Have you ever had one of those projects that you just really, really wanted to get done? Just to get it done and over with? Yeah. That was this one. During the course of this project, I cut my left hand three times with my rotary cutter. My lightbulb in the bedroom burnt out, then the lightbulb in my sewing machine burnt out, I had to re-sew the binding four times because it just kept twisting…

But. It’s done. And I learned a lot.


I promise the lines are straight. I just couldn’t hang it up to take a picture, so the perspective is a little off.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. My husband loves it… And since it’s for him, that’s what matters. My row that was “off” looks not-so-off at all after quilting, from a distance.

I meant to do a tutorial, but halfway through I realized I hadn’t taken pictures from the beginning. I plan on doing another one at some point, so I’ll put up a tutorial then.

Most of the work done on this was planning. There wasn’t a whole lot of sewing time (I got everything sewn together in one stretch of naptime). A whole lot of math and a whole lot of drawing went into this. I wanted to make it look like you were looking out the window at the bear, so I wanted to cut out strips of the panel. My window strip parts ended up being 1.25″ wide, so I wanted them to replace 1.25″ from the panel in the places where they were. Lots of math.

I ended up just stitching in the ditch around the strips. I didn’t want to obscure the bear with quilting and there wasn’t really much design on the bear that I could quilt on/around…

I’m not doing any more sewing until the Kaleidoscope QA starts. I have a bunch of crochet to crank out. I’m so glad this piece is done.

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