Wall hanging and sewing

Latest crochet pattern here.

With probably a couple of dozen curse words, I got my wall hanging finished. My daughter may have repeated one or two, I’m the paragon of motherhood. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I took Michael Miller’s Hawthorne Fairy panel and hacked off the borders, as well as a good chunk of both the top and the bottom. I considered sewing a drunkard’s path border, but I soon realized that sewing circles that small would have been more of a pain in the ass than I really wanted to deal with. So those are appliqued on. My template for those was the cap of a vitamin bottle. They’re about 2 inches in diameter. The border is about 3 inches. You can’t really tell from this distance, but I quilted in what I’m going to call “creative outlines” around some random leaves and berries, and the different bits of the fairy. It looks pretty good from this distance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And as I finished this damn thing, I realized that I want one thing and REALLY want another thing. I want a sewing box. Right now I’m keeping all of my notions in a see-through bag with a little square of velcro at the top and while it works, it doesn’t really cut the mustard.


That is my sewing machine. If you can’t read the very small and tiny print on it, it’s a refurbished Brother XL-2600i.

It’s a great sewing machine for beginners. It’s lightweight, easy to use, sews straight lines like nobody’s business. Bobbins whip up at light speed… And it wasn’t very spendy. I plan on keeping it around as a back-up machine, and to teach my kids to sew when they get old enough, if they want to.

Having completed several quilts now, while I definitely don’t think I’m some sort of artisan, I no longer consider myself a clueless beginner. And while I was swearing at my machine yesterday, I thought of a few things that I really, REALLY want.

I want to be able to adjust my foot height. I want to be able to lower my feed dogs instead of just covering them up. I really, REALLY want to be able to adjust my bobbin tension. You can’t really tell in any of the pictures of quilts that I’ve free-motion-quilted, but they all have the bobbin thread showing up on the top. Sometimes it doesn’t do it. Sometimes. When I’m sewing at a pretty good speed, I don’t go around too tight of corners, I’m moving the fabric at just the right speed so the stitches are just the right size, and the stars align perfectly, I’ll get a few stitches here and there that don’t have the bobbin thread showing.

So, fabulous sewing readers, tell me about your machines. What do you have? Would you recommend them? In addition to the adjustable foot height and bobbin tension, and being able to lower the feed dogs, I only care about a straight stitch and a zigzag.

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