Butterfly Garden

It’s a bonus Sunday entry! I spent a good chunk of this morning untangling the mess that my children made of my cotton yarn… So I should have the first wash cloth done this afternoon. Oh, the excitement.

I was unpacking my treasures from yesterday’s shopping trip and I figured I would pull out all of the fabrics I have for the quilt I’m planning and make sure they all “go.” I didn’t take swatches with me (sigh). I have a pretty good memory for colors, but I wanted to make sure. And then, since I had them all out, I figured I’d take a picture and share it with blogland.


Note that there are no children or cats in this picture. They are all sleeping. The cats are hiding somewhere cool and dark, and the kids are down for a nap.

The green on the right came from a mystery remnant bundle*. Which, by the way, I love. Fabric is great, but surprise fabric is AWESOME! The two butterfly prints and the hydrangeas (the one between them) came in a different remnant bundle, together. They are apparently from Springs Creative, the Spring Hydrangea Quilt Collection. I went looking through the full collection and it was not what I was looking for.

I picked up the two on the left yesterday. I wasn’t sure the roses would “go,” but they coordinate pretty well with those greens. And the pink is going to be for sashing, like walkways through a big garden.

All that I need now is some graph paper (which is waiting for the grocery shopping trip on Thursday) and then I’ll put these all together into something pretty.

And I have sugar ants in my craft closet. I’m thinking I’ll need to be getting some ant bait too. :/

*Remnant bundles. If you’re into stash-building on the cheap (yes please), check out the three-pound remnant bundle from fabric.com. It works out to about $2.22/yard. Be aware that you may get a piece or two of non-quilting fabric (I got some seersucker) and that majority of the pieces you get will have a swatch missing from them.

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