Back to the Beginning

My very first crafty thing that I remember making was a cross-stitch bookmark for a Brownie badge. But the first crafty thing that I actually seriously got into was knitting. I made a little pillow that ended up being a dog toy, and I tried to make some squares for a patch-work blanket, but I stopped.

I picked up knitting again after a good few years, but then I found it tedious and scary. What happened when you dropped a stitch? I learned to crochet shortly after I picked up knitting again and I found that I far preferred crochet, so I stopped knitting again.

While entering giveaways for the big Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway this year, one of the entries was to think about a craft that I would like to look into a little more. And so, after giving it some thought, I realized that I’d like to take another look at knitting. I mean… Row after row of plain knitting is just about as tedious as row after row of single crochet, and I never learned how to purl or do really anything other than just a basic stitch.

So at my local craft store today (at which I enjoyed an hour and a half of child-free time, and let me tell you… It was AWESOME!) I found some knitting needles on clearance and some cotton yarn. I decided to make wash cloths. Really, one can never have too many wash cloths, especially if one has small children.

So after spending a good chunk of the afternoon re-familiarizing myself with knitting (apparently it’s just like riding a bicycle), I have this.


I can’t tell you how many times I re-knitted the first 5 rows. I lost count. It’s going pretty quickly now that I’ve got the hang of it again- it would go faster if I didn’t have to stop and untangle my yarn every so often. My daughter was being “helpful.” The pattern is definitely not mine. I don’t even know if you could find the original creator of this. It seems that everyone who’s put this pattern up around the ‘net has learned it from their grandma or their mother-in-law.

I started a new crochet project. There are two pieces sitting finished in front of me and a third currently on my crochet hook, waiting for my attention.

And… I have several new quilting projects floating around. I went through my stash (and picked up a few new things today) and I have three wall hangings running around in my head, as well as another quilt that I’m calling Butterfly Garden. I’m going to try applique and I have a beautiful panel that I want to turn into an attic window so you’re looking at the bear through the window.

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