Changing things

Yeah. This is a rambling post of talking, so if that’s not your thing… I’ll see you later. 😉

Lately, I’ve been taking on projects that are taking longer than a week… with plans for MORE! And I always get this sense of guilt when Friday comes around and I have nothing to show for myself. So. I am no longer committing to putting up a finished pattern a week.

(Gasp!) What does that mean?! Well… I will still update once a week. Sometime between Monday and Saturday every week, I will produce a post. Sometimes it’ll be a pattern (I will absolutely still be offering free patterns for everything), sometimes it’ll be a post about a work in progress- although those posts will probably have some cursing and other evidence of frustration (consider yourself warned)… And sometimes it’ll just be me blathering on about how adorable my children are or my frustration with the Man in the Yellow Hat because I haven’t been able to sit down and produce anything crafty because I either didn’t have time, or just didn’t want to.

The other side of it is that I’ll be posting things as I finish them. Which means that if I finish something on Wednesday, and something else on Friday, there will be TWO updates that week. Oooohh…

One response to “Changing things

  1. HI, Joy – thanks for visiting my blog today! You are a busy lady with all your projects.

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