Late again

Mmm… Slacker…

To be perfectly honest, I’m at the “throw the damn thing out the window” stage with trying to get this softy finished. I know what I want to do, and I know how I want it to look. Translating that look from my head into something workable and getting the numbers right is proving to be tougher than I’d thought it was. This pattern was supposed to go up last week, but I’ve been messing with the legs for the past week and a half and I haven’t gotten anywhere except frustrated. I keep telling myself, “Oh, I just need to make the arms and the legs and the ears and tummy patch, that won’t take long.” Right? I know what I want to do for the ears and tummy patch. I’ve done both ears and tummy patch before and am using the same basic pattern, just scaled down and altered a little. I can’t make them right now because I put softies together from the bottom up. It’s a bitch to get the legs on straight, so I attach them and then however they go on determines where the front of the softy is. These legs, though… Throw the damn thing out the window.

So. I’m taking a break before I break more yarn and really do throw the whole damn thing in the garbage. There is one last Tuesday in February, when I will have a pattern up for something completely different (which is already all written out and basically tested, I just needed to pull it all out because I made a simple mistake near the beginning of the project- again, throw the damn thing out the window).

The monthly softies will start in March. Hopefully in two weeks from now. And after that, there will be a monthly themed softy because at that point I’ll already have the pattern done for the legs and arms and everything, and will just be adjusting the “themed” part as needed.

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