Spinning Stars and Scrappy Bars

This is a quilt pattern. Right before the quilt-along started, I was itching to do some more sewing and I have a bunch of scraps laying around, so I figured I could use them to make a quilt! I picked up two different white prints and a four-pack of fat quarters, but the rest is all scraps and leftovers.

The finished size will be 60″x60″, plus any borders you choose to add. Mine is only a quilt top right now because right after I finished it, the quilt-along started. I’ll add pics when it’s done.


Fabric Requirements:
I used a four-pack of fat quarters, and the rest (other than the two different white prints) was remnants and scraps. For the spinning star blocks, you’ll need either 1 strip of 5 7/8″ wide fabric (selvage to selvage) OR a little more than half of a fat quarter for the colored portion, and about 3/4 of a yard of white. You need a total of 32 ‘bars’ that are 9.5″x2.75.” I used 8 colors, which gave me 4 bars of each color. For the white part, you’ll need about a yard.

Spinning Star Blocks (make 8)
Cut four 5 7/8 squares of color
Cut one 5 1/2 square of color
Cut four 5 7/8 squares white
To make a half square triangle, lay one square of color on top of one square of white, right sides together. Draw a diagonal line from one corner to another, then stitch 1/4 away from that line on either side of it. Cut along line to give you two triangle blocks. Cut off the “tails” and sew together as shown.


Stripe Blocks (make 8)
Cut one 9.5″x2.75″ bar each of four different colours
Cut two 3.5″x15.5″ strips white
Cut two 3.5″x9.5″ strips white
Sew the four colored bars together on the long ends. Sew one 9.5″ long strip of white on each side, then one 15.5″ strip of white on the top and bottom.


The unfinished blocks will be about 15.5″ square. Square up your blocks so they’re all the same size and sew together in the pattern in the first picture.

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