Revisiting an old pattern

A few months ago, I posted this pattern for a diaper for one of the My Pal dogs. At the time (and until very recently), Violet was my daughter’s baby.

Well, she has a new baby.


That’s the same shirt and diaper that I made for Violet. While I was changing my daughter’s diaper today, she insisted that I also change “Doggy.” I didn’t want to put an actual diaper on Doggy, diapers don’t grow on trees… And there was Violet sitting alone on the couch. I “borrowed” Violet’s diaper to dress Doggy with. The diaper fit pretty much perfectly! When my daughter saw the half-naked Violet, I thought she was going to get upset, but instead she told me, “Doggy dress.” So Doggy is wearing the shirt as well.

The shirt does not fit. It fits over the back, but the front is very loose. The diaper, though… The only thing I would change is to add a couple more rows to the top, so it would come up farther on Doggy’s back.

2 responses to “Revisiting an old pattern

  1. Why do I think she is going to want Mama to make more diapers?

  2. LOL I think you might be right… Just now she was wondering where Puppy's diaper was.

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