Doll Sling

It’s another sewing project today. 😀

Back when my now 10-month-old was a newborn, he was a very high-needs baby. I wanted something so that I could carry him all day and still be able to use my hands. Someone suggested a ring sling and I made one. He spent a lot of time in it. When he wasn’t in the sling, my daughter would bring it to me to put on her, so I decided to make her a more toddler-sized one that she could carry her dolls in.



That’s her about 6 months ago. She’s so big now!

This is a scrap of fabric left over from a different project. It’s 10.5 inches wide, and the full length from selvage to selvage. For the hem on each side, I folded it over about 1/4 inch and zig-zag stitched along the entire edge.

The “ring” is actually a spare shower curtain ring. I pleated both the top and the bottom and sewed them around either side of the ring. I got my pleating directions here.

I purposely made it a little big so that she could have some room to grow with it and still be able to fit Puppy in there.

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